Bloober Team – best Polish Vita developer?

Poland – the second country in the world with its own Constitution. A country known far and wide thanks to Solidarność, beautiful women and vodka. Since a while ago our country is also famous thanks to polish developers and their most known games like Bulletstorm, Dead Island or The Witcher. Those are but only games for home consoles and PC. What about Vita developers?

We have written about the success of Tate Interactive and their Urban Trial Freestyle. Last week Mass Creation, a developer from Warsaw presented us with Draw Slasher. Those aren’t the only Polish Vita developers, as there is one which is known even in Japan. We’re talking about Bloober Team.

This game developer from Cracau has at first piqued our attention when they have released A-MEN – a hilarious, logic platformer. In February 2013 they have also informed us about creating Deathmatch Village for PS3 and PS VITA. This is only the beginning of game stream that will be coming from them in the near future!

Yesterday, we were informed by Bloober Team that they will be displaying Deathmatch Village at this years E3 on a stand owned by SONY. They have also told us that in the coming months they will be releasing not one, but TWO exclusive games for PS VITA! One of them will be developed by Bloober Team, the other one by their subsidiary – iFun4All.

I was really excited at those news, therefore I just had to ask, Piotr Babieno, CEO of Bloober Team about the details.

MorfiTM: Will the new game developed by Bloober Team be a logic platformer like A-MEN?

Piotr Babieno: No, the new title won’t be anything like A-MEN.

MorfiTM: When will it be released?

Piotr Babieno: The exact date isn’t fixed, but we’re talking about releasing it in 2013. Earlier (in Q2 or Q3 2013 – red.) our subsidiary will debut will their new game with a cute title: Die! Die! Die!

MorfiTM: Is the mysterious new Bloober Team release maybe…Medium?

Piotr Babieno: No. Concerning Medium – I can’t tell anything about it now. I can’t tell much about the new game for PS VITA, but in the coming weeks we will present MyPSVITA readers with some info and screens. I’m certain they will be quite amused.

MorfiTM: I won’t let you Sir change the topic. On which platforms will Medium be released? Will it be PS3, XBOX 360, PC, PS VITA and WiiU? Or will you also be releasing it on next-gen platform like PS4 and Durango?

Piotr Babieno: I really can’t tell anything about Medium at the moment. As we’re talking about next-gen consoles I can tell you that we have excellent relationships with SONY and we were one of the first game developers which received a PS4 dev-kit.

MorfiTM: Will the new game developed by iFun4All be a MOBA game like Deathmatch Village?

Piotr Babieno: No, it will be a wholly new and exclusive for PS VITA IP, called Die! Die! Die!. It will be released in Q2-Q3 2013.

MorfiTM: Will the two announced titles be using the Cross Engine developed by Bloober Team?

Piotr Babieno: Yes, we will be using Cross Engine for those titles. It has evolved from the time we used it for A-MEN. In the last months we spent days and nights to enhance the visual effects and networking.

MorfiTM: Since long ago I have known that Freeky Games, the crew behind DMV is a subsidiary of Bloober Team, but I have never heard about iFun4All. What can you tell us about it and about their plans for the future.

Piotr Babieno: Earlier iFun4All was releasing more „casual” Bloober Teams games (ex. Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder). Nowadays iFun4All is a separate company – they are a 10 man team with their own board. They are fully autonomic from Bloober Team. Just like us they have excellent relationships with Sony. In future they will distribute their games independently. I can say that I’m proud from their achievements. One of the titles they will release this year will be a novelty on the market. In the coming months they will inform (MyPSVITA readers – red.) about the details.

MorfiTM: Let’s stop talking about the future and concentrate on the present. When will you release Deathmatch Village?

Piotr Babieno: We hope that DMV will hit the market in June.

MorfiTM: At the present moment you have released A-MEN and Alien Breed (in collaboration with Team17) for PS VITA. In June you plan to release Deathmatch Village and today you tell us that there are two completely new games in the making for SONY’s handheld. Does it mean that developing games for PS VITA is profitable?

Piotr Babieno: If the titles are fitted for the targeted platform – Yes, however in our line of work there is always some risk that the game won’t bring expected profits. But we strongly believe in Sony and in future we will strongly support PS VITA.

Unfortunately, my curiosity wasn’t fully satisfied, but i had to respect the right of Mr. Babieno to hold some secrets before E3. Nevertheless we have learned something about Die! Die! Die!, we can be somewhat sure that Medium isn’t canceled and we know that there is another Polish Vita game in the making. That’s something.

And now a surprise for all of our patient readers who have gone through this block of text. As the first site in the world we present you the title graphics from the announced iFun4All game, Die! Die! Die!

Możesz również polubić…

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